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I'm so jittery and worked up about Deathly Hallows it's absolutely rediculous! And it really galls me that at this very moment people are already reading the book, or at least have it in their possession. As for me? I have to work tomorrow morning, and really don't want to go to work after being up all night reading, and I CAN'T go to work half-way done with the book, so I'll be picking it up as soon as I get out tomorrow afternoon. I'm house/pet-sitting this weekend, and will hole myself up with the book and be prepared to cry my little heart out. I know I will, whether characters I love die or not, this is IT. The end. As the icon says, Game Over. And oh, I won't be able to bear it if Harry dies! 

It's all I can think about... Deathly Hallows...

I'm not even diverted by this:
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I saw Order of the Pheonix in IMAX last night.

I'm having a hard time deciding if I'm really excited about it because I always seem to love the latest film, or if I really truly do think it was outstanding and the best of the lot. I suppose I'll have to give it time to have a properly objective opinion, but I came out of the theater loving it. I don't want to give a whole review that my sister would demand I put under a cut for spoilers, but I will say that unlike both PoA and GoF, I didn't feel like I was missing anything during the film. Naturally, they did cut out a lot from the book, but the story was really strong and didn't feel rushed (nor were there any annoying, pointless scenes). 
I want to go see it again. ^_^

Naturally, I went in costume. :-) I completely refuse to suffer (hugely) for costuming's sake, so I totally skipped on a sweater or robe. I figure that if I was a Hogwarts student and it was about 90 degrees outside, I'd just wear the minimum uniform too. Since I didn't bother with robes, this became a super easy quicky costume. I bought my Slytherin tie from Wizard Ties (I LOVE their service... it even arrives wrapped up in brown paper tied with string!), bought a white shirt from French Toast, wore black tights and shoes I already had, and made a charcoal grey skirt. The skirt was really easy... I whipped it out yesterday morning in no time. Of course, there are no pictures as the camara is very dead... but it turned out fairly well.

Funnily enough, even though there were quite a few people there in costume, I was the only Slytherin. At first I thought I was imagining things, but no; a good three quarters of people were dressed up as Gryffindors or just sported a Gryff tie with normal clothes, and there were a few Ravenclaws and Puffs wandering around, but I was the ONLY Slytherin there. Very sad. 

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