Mar. 14th, 2012

gwendolyngrey: (bill loves everything)
Lots of good things happening recently!  Biggest of all is that I got the job of First Hand here at the CW Costume Design Center!

They've never had a First Hand there before, and one has been sorely needed.  The job was created and posted late last fall when I applied, and finally, FINALLY the hiring process is over and the position is mine!  I'll get to escape from being constantly stuck behind the sewing machine, and will be doing a lot of fittings plus cutting and working on various projects for Special Events which I'll actually get to pattern things for (thank god).  I'll still be doing some of the regular tailor stuff that I do now, but there'll be a LOT more variety to my job and I'll get to interact with a lot of different people.  Which is so good I can't even begin to describe it. 

Seriously.  I've been so utterly bored at work that even with my ipod as constant companion I could sometimes feel my brain dripping out my ears.  I can do most of the sewing in my sleep, and the CDC has a system for everything with a set way of doing/making just about everything, which means there is typically very little room for problem solving of any kind when one is a Tailor there.  So yes, I am beyond glad to be moving up a little bit in the world. 

And it's also really nice because it's confirmed to me that I'm actually quite good at what I do (sometimes this is easy to forget).  My boss paid me some amazing compliments when she offered me this position, and I know she meant them.  It's definitley given me the confidence that I'm on the right path, and that I can take this costume professional thing a lot further... And trust me.  I will.  ;)

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