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My regency stays are SO close to being done that it's really hard to make myself do those last final things.  I simply must finish them tomorrow though.  Christmas break is almost over, and I only have four weekends before the 1820 dress has to be done.  And I'm not nearly as far on Rebekah's dress as I had wanted to be at this point... I'm not afraid that things won't be done on time, but I had wanted to get a LOT done over break.  Even though I wasn't lazy, I wasn't on fire either.  However, first thing tomorrow I will be pounding grommets (passed deadlines means no pretty handbound eyelets) and then I will have at least completely finished one thing over break.  Christmas presents don't really count, but I did make a hat, a shirt, a pillow, and KatieJacobs' gift (which STILL isn't done...).  I also muslin-ed Rebekah's dress and made a pair of stays.  That's not too shabby for three weeks in which I also had to work a LOT. 

I love it when Beky plays her guitar and sings... it makes this place seem so much more homey.  She's quite good at it too, and several of her songs always make me want to cry even when she practices them over and over.  She worries sometimes that I might get fed up with her playing so many the same songs over and over again, but I never do. 

I think she thinks I'm a little bit crazy when it comes to costuming though.  She doesn't mind me sewing and making a mess, but she thinks it's  absurd that I put so much time into making things that "no one will see" (re. my stays).
It was so funny the other night when Mike McCarty and KatieJacobs ([profile] rvqavalon) were over and we were all sewing and watching "Casanova" and Beky was watching it with us.  Beky would occasionally give us very peculiar looks, and when the movie was almost over she suddenly exclaimed that the three of us mentioned such different things during a movie than any of her other friends. She and her friends "comment on the literary qualities of the script, or the believability of a line, or the change within a character; while you guys [me, Mike, and Katie] talk about stuff like undergarments and the color of blush and whether or not they used prosthetics for his belly and... and.... production values!"   We were all vastly amused. 

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