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Now that I don't have rent and other obnoxious necessities to worry about, I've put together a budget and am socking my money away into various "essential purchases" funds.

I'm using this to store my most frivolous savings:

If this whole lottery business goes my way, I'll be going to Costume College next summer!  If I can get a membership, I'll consider it a graduation present to myself.  I've always wanted to go, and now (ie. next year) is as good a time as any!  Excitement!  Glee! 

My other 'fund' is for a laptop.  I've gone quite long enough without a computer of my own, and I'll be needing one once I graduate anyway.  At the moment I'm thinking of getting a Dell Inspiron 1525 or a Gateway T-836; I'd really like to get a MacBook Pro, but there's no WAY I can afford something like that.  It'll be months before I've saved enough money to get anything though, so I have a while to mull things over and make up my mind.

And not so expensively but no less importantly, I'm finally going to get my own digital camera.  I actually have the money for this right now, and I've been putzing around the internet trying to decide which one I like best.  I really need to go look at Circuit City and Best Buy though before making up my mind about anything.

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