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I normally don't like pictures of me laughing, but this one that Tyler took at my show is actually rather good.  I'm standing beside the last minute painting I did called "A Farb At Heart".  Yep, I take my art very, very seriously. 

I put up a whole bunch of pictures of the show on my flickr page here, including several of the gallery and my work, and some of us all hanging out after the reception (which Tyler took), and a couple from when we took the show down on Friday.  I really like this one of Tyler and Mike taken in the arboretum after the reception...

On a different note, I went to lunch with Jill (from the costume shop, not the painting prof) today so that we could talk about my future.  She is convinced that I need to go to grad school if I really want to get anywhere as a costume designer.  As much as I hate the idea of more school right now, my gut agrees with her.  Obviously it's far too late to consider it for this fall (thank god), but as I never ruled out the possibility of grad school, I feel I may come around after a year or so.  But if I do go to grad school in the near future, it WON'T be in the midwest... I don't care if Northwestern and Cincinnati are supposed to be somewhere in the top five programs for the field... Illinois and Ohio are OUT.

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