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Things are speeding up and whizzing by at an alarming rate now that it's the last week before my show.  I have five days left at my disposal, and I have 2.7 paintings left to do.  It'll be crazy-intense, but now that all the sewing is done, I can properly concentrate on Making Art.

I wore the 1840 dress at critique today, where it was very well received.  Actually, that's a big understatement.  I walked through the door, and my prof, Ed, took one look, gave his trademark little gasp, and exclaimed "All my dreams just came true."  He then proceeded to walk all around me, peering closely at the seams and the pleats and asking all sorts of questions about the construction and the time period.  Apparently, everyone in illustration has total faith in my knowledge of general and costume history, and often come to me with questions about what sort of behavior would be appropriate at which time and who wore what when, besides basic things like dates of major events.  And the thing is, they believe whatever I tell them.  I have not yet abused this trust, but it's tempting. 

Anyway, coming back to Ed, he was really pleased with the dress, and frequently said how he wished he had a project that matched it because he really wanted to paint it.  Coming from an artist, I take that as a great compliment.

On my way home from campus, I stopped by work to show off as it's directly on my way.  The ladies I work with at the fabric store HEAR about what I'm making all the time, but I've never shown them more than the occasional photo.  There was plenty of oo-ing and ah-ing... it was all very ego-reinforcing.

Once I got home, I didn't feel like setting things up for a proper "photoshoot", so I just took a couple pictures and a  quick video out on the deck.

And a picture or two that stays still... )

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My corsetry boning problem has been satisfactorily dealt with.  I had ordered from, and when I called and told them of the mix-up, they were quite apologetic, told me to keep the extra, wrong lengths, and will be shipping me the missing, proper lengths this afternoon. 

I also got the my cream cotton sateen for the 1840 dress in the mail today, and that is hopefully the end of my major purchases for this everlasting senior project.  As soon as the corset is done I can get started on the 1840 dress, and that will be the final garment!  So.  Things are moving forward.

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