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Am home again from a long weekend at Greenfield Village and have spent the day in a sort of weary daze.

The event was great though!  [ profile] reine_de_coudre (Samantha) had came out from California to spend a week and a half here in Michigan, and camped with [ profile] dandytailor (Mike), [ profile] rvqavalon (Katie), and myself.  I'm too tired to go into depth right now, but in spite of very hot, humid weather we had loads of fun.  Did a lot of sitting in the shade, but also got to see and meet a lot of people, did a bunch of touristy Greenfield Village things (including riding the carousel twice), took part in the fashion show, and danced nearly every dance at the ball.

Due to the awful cold I had a week before the event, I barely got the windowpane dress done in time, and was in fact stitching the trim onto the neck during the drive there.  I didn't manage to sew the trim to the sleeves as well, but the dress was wearable and, I thought, rather cute anyway.

New dress!

Wore the windowpane dress on Sat, and the Not-Cold-Mountain dress on Sun.  The new apron came in very handy as I actually did a fair amount of the cooking.  The weather on Monday turned a bit nasty... hot and rainy with scorching sun and pouring rain by turns, and the hem of my dress (cotton Not-Cold-Mountain) got quite wet and muddy.

I was quite excited to find this picture of myself on flickr that someone must have taken at some point on Sunday.  I rarely like how my face looks in photos, but I feel as though this is what I see when I look in the mirror...

I'll let some of my favorite pics from the event speak for themselves... )I'll let some of my favorite pics from the event speak for themselves... )

There are a whole lot more of pictures on my flickr page here.

And yes, both of my 1860s day dresses are made of fabrics with white backgrounds and blue patterns.  It's clear where my tastes lie, but I think I'm going to have to change things up a bit for the next dress... although the steel blue wool dress I'm planning still falls into the same color family....
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It seems like I've done nothing but application stuff recently... for grad schools and summer stock work; and when I DO sew, it's on a veeerrry late gift for somebody which is taking an age to finish.

I haven't put a stitch in a new dress for myself since last June!  This, however, is about change.

Quite a few of you are probably familiar with this dress of [ profile] rvqavalon's which she made for the annual regency ball last spring.  The other night, however, Katie surprised [ profile] dandytailor and I with a declaration of her dislike for the dress and her plans for getting rid of it.  Preferring not to sell in on ebay, Katie was wonderful enough to give it to me along with the extra yard and a half of left-over fabric so that I could make a new dress for Greenfield out of it.

I am, to put it bluntly, thrilled.

Silk taffeta in white and blue windowpane check?!  Nothing less than awesome!

The skirt of the original dress is made from three panels of 54" wide fabric, and as such, is a great width for going over my hoop.  I'll have to let the hem out a little, but aside from that, making the new skirt'll be really straightforward.  I figure the extra yard and a half will be plenty for a bodice and sleeves, and I can use the fabric from the original bodice for trimmings.

I'm planning on making something similar to these:

I love the v-neck style, pagoda sleeves, and ruched trimming, but I haven't quite decided yet whether I want a straight waistline or a pointed bodice... would one be more fashionable than the other?

Also, Katie bought me an early birthday present... a bonnet kit from Timely Tresses!  I'll be making the Mildred Augusta bonnet in the early spoon style.  So.  Excited.  I adore all manner of hats, bonnets, and headdresses, and as of yet, I don't even have a single 1860s bonnet!  But, thanks to Katie, this calamitous state of affairs will shortly draw to close... I'm quietly gleeful.  :D


Yo no soy marinero.

Bonus points for guessing which song is stuck in my head... ;)

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