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I kind of feel like I've been collecting websites for myself... whenever I've outgrown one (in terms of usefulness and/or taste), I've just added to the list instead of deleting my internet trail.

One thing I've known.  I needed a site with my own domain that I could use as a more professional portfolio site.

Well, it exists now (and I found a web host that I liked, eHostOne), and I happily own

The question now remains... do I ONLY use that site, and maintain it as my personal costume/art site and erase the old one forever?  I'm kind of leaning towards that route at the moment.  Getting rid of 'Behind the Tapestry', forgetting the practice portfolio site that's currently hosted on the GVSU server, and embracing as my one and only online presence.  And how "professional" do I want to go in that instance?  Keep all the old commentary on my costumes, or just have key information and images?

Right now the only software I have is iWeb, so I can't do anything too complicated with the design, but it's the content that's the question.

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I need help!

I have to buy a domain and get web hosting for my portfolio site (I've been making a new one with iWeb that I'll be able to update regularly since I no longer have constant access to Dreamweaver the way I used to when I was in school).  I need something where I can upload with FTP and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  I was looking at GoDaddy and I liked the plans they offer, but it seemed from their site that they are only compatible with Linux and Windows... am I blind, or are they also Mac compatible?

Also looked at Warped (I HATED their website, there was an astonishing dearth of useful information) and are there any other cheap-ish hosts any of you would recommend?

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