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I looked up my textbooks for this fall, and even though I'm only taking four classes, and only three of those require texts, I still have to buy eleven books. As someone who also has to spend ungodly amounts of money on art supplies, this seems grossly unfair.

I'm so glad I only have four classes though, and just one (ONE!!!!!!) studio. I'm still considering adding another painting class to my schedule, but that's very iffy at the moment. I'm not taking lightweight classes though... I think I'll be learning a lot this semester, and will be more academic than ever before. For the first time though, I'm genuinely interested in every class I'm taking. No required classes that I'd never ever take if I had an option! Very fun.

I'm signed up for:
 Intro to French (the begining of the begining, it's a 101 course as I've never had French before but always wanted to learn)
19th Century American Art (a 300 level art history with the delightful Sigrid as the prof... if it's anything like Medieval Symbolism of last semester, it'll be a lot of work, but quite interesting)
Renaissance and Reformation Europe (a 300 level history. According to ratemyprofessors, the prof is very, very demanding... it's a good thing I like the subject matter...)
and last but definitely NOT least, Advanced Illustration II (my last Illustration class of EVER... I'll be so sad when it's over....)
And if I decide that isn't enough, I'll be adding intermediate painting II to the list, but I'm still dithering about that.

I don't want to be overworked and overstressed like last semester though... I think I only poked a toe into the costume shop once all last winter, and I really want to get involved there again. The Shakespeare play  this fall will be set during the Civil War, and it would be a lot of fun to help with that. Not to mention I want to be able to work a bit on my own project during the school year, before my senoir project compands all of my time.

Speaking of projects, I Violet Baudelaired again today... almost all day, in fact. I appliqued the stripes to four of the six skirt panels, but petered out in the early evening, and watched the second Anne movie instead of sewing. I ought to be able to do the other two panels tomorrow before work though. It feels unbelievably good to be making (albeit slow) progress!
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I had an odd almost-illness this week... I woke up Sunday morning with a very sore throat, and it didn't go away until today. The odd thing is, is that the ONLY thing wrong with me was a sore throat. It didn't develop into a cold or strep throat, or anything else horrible. And it was a very good excuse to avoid talking, I've been feeling fairly hermit-like recently, and I was almost glad  for a good reason to hole up in the house and not DO anything strenous.

But today I girded my loins for battle, and dug out the Violet Baudelaire skirt. Of course when I say "dug out", I really mean 'picked up off the floor in the corner where it has sat for the past eight months'. The SH Stripey is completely done, and in the four weeks I have left before school starts again, all I have to work on is the VB dress. I feel so terribly ashamed of myself for dragging my feet like this with it... it's been more than a year and a half since I first started it. I simply HAVE to get it done soon, I hate having it hanging over my head like this.
Now that I've started working on it again, hopefully I'll keep on at it. The skirt still needs to have the stripes appliqued on (I pinned and basted them today), and the overskirt pleated ruffle done, and then there's the whole bodice to make. I have a much better sewing-work ethic than I did a year ago, so I have hopes. Considering my history with this dress (a couple days work, and then months and months of inactivity) they aren't very high... but still... there is hope I'll get it done before school. 

And I want to wish everyone going to Costume College the best of luck (you're all probably there already). Have fun, and take LOTS of pictures!

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