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I made a fairly last-minute decision to attend the annual Mid-Winter Civil War ball in Lansing with [ profile] dandytailor  and [ profile] rvqavalon  this past Saturday, and it was probably the best decision I've made in a looong time.

I always enjoy a ball, but this one was just plain fun.  It was pretty long, with nearly five solid hours of dancing, there was a great mix of dances and the caller was really good.  It was also really nice to feel like we're starting to become a little familiar with the regular crowd there... and everyone seems more friendly than at the regency balls.  Not to mention, the Spanish Waltz is pretty much my favorite dance ever, and we had a particularly good one that night which was the last dance of the evening. 

This ball also marked the first time I wore contacts ever outside of the optician's office!  My dad had some medical funds stashed away that needed using before a certain date, so he offered to get me contacts.  I happily accepted this offer, and got myself to Lenscrafters.  I had a wretched time getting the contacts in though, and taking them out was ten times worse!  Fortunately, Katie showed me her very clever method of getting them in which does NOT involve poking yourself in the cornea.  And I no longer have to farb it up in my very modern eyewear.

I stole a couple pictures from Katie to post since my camera didn't make it out of my purse.

The galop was too quick for the camera, but this picture is fairly atmospheric and kinda pretty anyway. 

Call me narcissistic if you like, but I love how my dress looks in this picture.

And after the ball... yes, Katie frequently thinks I have lost my mind... ;)
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It seems like I've done nothing but application stuff recently... for grad schools and summer stock work; and when I DO sew, it's on a veeerrry late gift for somebody which is taking an age to finish.

I haven't put a stitch in a new dress for myself since last June!  This, however, is about change.

Quite a few of you are probably familiar with this dress of [ profile] rvqavalon's which she made for the annual regency ball last spring.  The other night, however, Katie surprised [ profile] dandytailor and I with a declaration of her dislike for the dress and her plans for getting rid of it.  Preferring not to sell in on ebay, Katie was wonderful enough to give it to me along with the extra yard and a half of left-over fabric so that I could make a new dress for Greenfield out of it.

I am, to put it bluntly, thrilled.

Silk taffeta in white and blue windowpane check?!  Nothing less than awesome!

The skirt of the original dress is made from three panels of 54" wide fabric, and as such, is a great width for going over my hoop.  I'll have to let the hem out a little, but aside from that, making the new skirt'll be really straightforward.  I figure the extra yard and a half will be plenty for a bodice and sleeves, and I can use the fabric from the original bodice for trimmings.

I'm planning on making something similar to these:

I love the v-neck style, pagoda sleeves, and ruched trimming, but I haven't quite decided yet whether I want a straight waistline or a pointed bodice... would one be more fashionable than the other?

Also, Katie bought me an early birthday present... a bonnet kit from Timely Tresses!  I'll be making the Mildred Augusta bonnet in the early spoon style.  So.  Excited.  I adore all manner of hats, bonnets, and headdresses, and as of yet, I don't even have a single 1860s bonnet!  But, thanks to Katie, this calamitous state of affairs will shortly draw to close... I'm quietly gleeful.  :D


Yo no soy marinero.

Bonus points for guessing which song is stuck in my head... ;)
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For the past couple of days I've been looking at all the pictures being posted from Costume Con, and have been quietly seething with jealously.  The more I looked, the more I told myself that I HAD to be there next year, and WOULD be there, by hook or by crook.  After all, I won't have school or finals to interfere with my plans and drain all my finances.  Upon looking up CC28, I discovered, to my great joy, that it's being held in Milwaukee.  Compared to the east coast (and west coast last year), that's practically local!  I can drive there!  So yes, unless there is some sort of horrible tragedy I will be at CosCon next year.  This thought now gives me comfort as I continue to be bombarded by the fabulousness issuing from all you lucky attendees this year.

Speaking of fabulousness, the civil war ballgown saga continues.  As in: I am making one after all.  Katie (my lovely [ profile] rvqavalon ) took pity on me, and purchased the silk I needed as a birthday present.  It hasn't arrived yet, but I can't wait to get started on the dress!  I'm adapting the bodice pattern from my 1840 dress as it already fits and the neckline is appropriate for CW evening wear.  If it turns out as I want it to, this dress is going to be the ultimate confection... light pink and creams, with oodles of lace and trim and ruffles.

I'll have less than three weeks to actually make the dress, but after putting together my senior show, that sounds like cake.  Of course, I say this now... we'll see how I feel as the deadline draws ever nearer and I still haven't finished trimming the thing...

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