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Here's hoping they won't always be frogs...
valentine's day

(also, this marks the first time I've ever thought "Oh, I should do a painting/drawing for cards this coming holiday" and then actually went and did it.)
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I just finished my "For Reals" website for my portfolio class.

It would have been a lot easier if the instructor had actually known Dreamweaver.

I'll have a lot more to add to it once my senior show is finished in the spring, but for now it'll do.  And I still have to buy a domain and get a host; it's temporarily uploaded to some space I have on GVSU's server.

Critique?  Advice?  Any niggly bits I might want to change before Wed. (when it'll be critiqued in class)?

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Just when I should be pouring every ounce of energy I possess into school and art, my brain decides (quite independently) that I don't really NEED to catch up, no... what really matters is that I read the new Legacy of the Force Star Wars books that my sister lent me.  Since yesterday I've already read two, Bloodlines and Tempest, and all I want to do right now (instead of working on my costume designs or paintings or metals or logic homework) is do dash home and dive into Exile. 

I just entered the 3x3 Magazine Student Art competition... we'll see if anything comes of it.  I know that I certainly don't enter enough competitions, and have recently resolved to enter as many as I can afford to.  It seems like a very necessary expense, but I hate not getting anything tangible for my money.  I do need to look around for more things to enter though... this is only my third this whole year, and as a student, competitions are really the only good way of getting my work seen. 

My hands hurt and I'm SO tired of my clothes!

And I wish I journaled more... I say (or rather, think) that all the time and then never DO anything about it.  I keep thinking that if only I had a laptop that things would be different.

My dinner tonight has been a mini-bag of popcorn.  I ought to do something about that... it's making me grumpy.
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My stomach has been really off the last few days.  I don't feel outrightly sick, but just constantly, mildly nauseous and exhausted.  I've had to get up early every day for the last couple weeks, but Sat I was in bed before 11, and last night I went to bed at 9.  I don't know if I'm just worn out, or if my body is trying to tell me something, or if I have a mild illness or what... but I'm just sapped.  There's just no end of things to do... and I can't really put anything off because I'll just be screwing myself later.  "Ugh" pretty much sums it up.

On the bright side, I did well on my Logic exam!  The professor has spent the whole semester thus far trying to impress upon us the fact that if we don't study for at least 30 minutes a day we will utterly crash and burn, and our only hope of achieving any level of success is to do the wark every day.  Yeeaaahhhhh, sure it's a good idea.  I'm all in favor of students doing their work.  However, I naturally prioritize my homework, and Logic generally is lowest on my list.  This means that before the 1st exam I maybe cracked open my book once or twice and didn't do any of the exercises.  In spite of this lack of dedication, I still managed to get an 87 on the exam... and while that isn't a grade of miracles, it's still above the class average of 84 and is a fairly solid, respectable grade.  I'm quite pleased... but will probably put in a bit more effort for the next one.

Lately I've been having fairly serious thoughts  about my future as an artist, and what I'll be doing with myself come graduation.  When I sat down and considered everything, it boggled my mind that I hadn't thought these things before, and that I hadn't really been thinking beyond school.  Take, for instance, something like art galleries.  At the present I don't go to galleries, I don't research galleries, and until I went through the phone book I (naively) had no idea that Grand Rapids had any art galleries let alone 18!  I need to make a habit of visiting galleries regularly, and at least getting a feel for the local art scene before expanding my horizons.
Another big thing is equipment.  I have access to everything I ever need here at school... computers, lights, cameras, wood-shop and metals studio, etc.  Once I graduate I will have to be self-sufficient, meaning I will have to OWN everything I need.  So far all I have is an easel.  I won't get very far with that.  I've written up a list of all the essential equipment that I won't be able to do without, and have resolved to whittle it down at every opportunity.  My dad seems to think that I should worry about paying back student loans before even considering buying expensive art "supplies", but one has to put something out before being able to make a return in any business, and art is nothing if not a business.

Oh!  And as a part of the general paranoia surrounding a post-graduation world, some of us illustrators have been putting together art blogs.  That way we'll still be able to have some level of community and sounding-board after we're out on our own.  Mine is Binding Eyelets (name suggested by Gill and Adrianne after I had been finishing off my regency stays at Adrianne's apartment and I mentioned that all I had left to do was bind a couple eyelets... they thought it would make an amazing name for a show or blog... and I must say I agree... after all, in the grand scheme of things it is quite unique.) And speaking of those two wonderful friends and artists, here are their blogs too: Christina Mrozik (Gill) and Adrianne Hollemans.  Seriously, CHECK THEM OUT!!! They are amazingly talented, and I have no doubts that they will be very successful.
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I'm all set... ensconced here on the couch with Lynette's laptop, a pile of books and articles, pringles, candy, coffee and a blanket.  I have my file open in MS Word, I have my outline open next to it, and I'm writing  on LJ instead because it is a LOT more fun than art history.

Something interesting I've noticed however, is how most contemporary art historians all build off each other's work and research. It seems that the number of people interested in making a study of John Singleton Copley is fairly small, and different authors often make reference to each other's research in their articles. Paul Staiti in particular seems to be cropping up all over the place!  The research for my paper is actually really interesting. I'm comparing and contrasting the portraits by John Singleton Copley (as the eminent colonial American portraitist) and John Singer Sargent (as the eminent American portraitist of the 19th cen) and their ways of depicting women.  It's really interesting how, their names aside, they both had a LOT in common (in spite of the hundred years seperating them). My original intent was to show how different they were, but my paper is slowly coming around to focus on their many similarities instead. Most of the differences seem to be in the purpose behind constructing the portraits, instead of the artists' individual practices.  I'll never be an art historian because of my deep-seating distaste of writing, but I love studying art history.

The paper is due tomorrow though, and I'm bound and determined to finish it tonight. I have four out of eight pages written, and I will stay up all night if I have to in order to finish the blasted thing.  It seems to be a trend of mine to write papers at the last minute, and then complain on LJ the whole way through. If I have to take another break and rant about things before I'm done, I'll try very hard not to bring homework into the discussion. I know I'll be bored reading about it several years from now.

That said, I'll get all my homework ranting done and out of the way now.  There's a disgusting amount of it to be done in the next week, and most of it is writing and studying (NOT art).  Most depressing.  Must finish this paper, writing another eight page beast, make a scrapbook for French (in French), finish my big illustration, give a presentation, and then study for three exams.  And most of this has to be done by next Wed... I'll survive... barely.
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It seems like all my inspiration for illustration is coming from my fList these days... Sarah must be some sort of muse, but Bess and Edmund were rather irresistible too...

I just finished B&E yesterday, and am at a complete loss as to what to do next. The way things are going lately, I might just troll everyone's websites in a search for something. I don't know what exactly, but something...

And if anyone is wierded out by the idea of some strange girl in Michigan using them as subjects in her art projects, speak now etc...

I'd say something more insightful at this point, but I desperately need lunch and have a paper to write. (Imagine a noise of disgust at this point)
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It's not finished yet, but this is what I did yesterday:

It always feels like such a terrible excuse, but I like it much better in real life... all the liquin made it really shiny and rather difficult to photograph well. And backgrounds and I don't get along well at ALL.

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