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... with Marina Bychkova, doll artist extraordinaire.

Her porcelain ball-jointed dolls are simply exquisite, and all the costumes and jewelry and accessories are amazingly crafted. Nearly all the costumes are encrusted with beading, and all metal pieces (crowns, corsets, shoes, etc.) are carved and cast individually.

I stumbled upon her work the other day when browsing through the Coilpress blog, and followed a link to her website. Be still my heart.

If anything could make me want to attempt ball-jointed dolls myself, this would be it. As it is, I'm already itching to break out my wax and bronze and silver and start casting again... unfortunately I no longer have access to the metals studio, so no matter how much I want to, I can't.

Sometimes I think there are altogether too many wonderful and inspiring things in the world.
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I only have to get through today and tomorrow (and write a paper on Ulysses before tomorrow, which, naturally, I haven't started yet. I have a thesis statement, but that doesn't go far) and then FREEDOM! This has been the worst semester ever, and not because I had dreadful classes (I only had one truly awful class, and one that wavered between tolerable, funny, and atrocious) I've just been going through a mental slump. So sick of academics and going to class and taking notes and waking up early in the dark and exams and the whole rigmarole. 

In spite of.... everything... I have some real content! I had to take good pictures of some of my art for scholarship applications, which means I took some nice ones of my dolls and metals headdress. Pictures of Little Prince Omar, Snooty Tooty Maria, and the headdress are all here. And this Thursday, Gill and I are going to take pictures of my intermediate drawing dress, and all the costumes that I either have crappy pictures of, or, in the case of my 1920 dress, never photographed in the first place.

Please excuse me while I go try to cram some last minute graphic design minutia into my poor brain.

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...that was the name of the fallback tactical position of the team of Jedi Knights (including myself and Rebekah) in my dream. We were in Japan, and I remember dashing up a flight of stairs only to hear the intruder alarm sound, and all of us had to quickly reconvene in the main lobby to be able to employ our extreme shorthand fighting formation...we were up against some sort of Japanese mafia I think...they had murdered a couple of girls by forcing them to swallow razor blades, and we (the group of Jedi) had to apprehend them and bring them to justice. My Dad woke me up RIGHT as the fight was about to start.

It was a very exciting dream, and I'm fairly certain that Degobah was involved at some point. And even though I didn't get to finish the dream, I'm certain we would have won...after all Luke Skywalker was with us. ;-)

I have all the pieces sculpted for my next doll; they just need baking. I'll have almost three weeks to make this doll, and I'm quite pleased with it so far (what I've done and what's in my head). I used Super Sculpey this time, instead of the cheap off-brand I bought before, and I really, REALLY love using it. Super Sculpey makes me want to spend all my time smooshing clay and rolling it around in my hands...

And in brother news, well, Benjamin is totally fine now. I guess the epilepsy he had as a little kid never completely went away. Right now we're assuming that they'll put him on some sort of medication after his EEG on Tuesday.

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