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My morning (and early afternoon) has been pleasantly spent making and fitting a muslin for a new Regency corset.  While it's nice to finally be able to make something for myself again, I'm finding it terribly difficult to settle on ONE idea for my corset.  I don't want to do cording... no, I really DO want cording... the seams should go here and the seams should go there... I should have a wide gap in the back, then it should be narrow.

At the moment, I have a well fitting muslin, and have told myself firmly that I am sticking to the current seam placement.  Now I just have to finalize the cording layout... I have a fairly good idea of what I want though, and I'll try very hard not to let my imagination run away with itself. 

My family isn't getting together until tomorrow, so I have the whole day and the empty apartment to myself.  Hopefully I'll be able to stay motivated and get a lot accomplished today.  The plan is to finish Beky's present, work on KatieJacob's present, cut out the "real" fabric for my Regency corset, and start work on Rebekah's dance dress.  We'll see how that works out!
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"The plum-pudding was of the same handsome roundness as ever, and came in with the symbolic blue flames around it, as if it had been heroically snatched from the nether fires into which it had been thrown by dyspeptic Puritans."
~George Eliot~ The Mill on the Floss

Christmas is all the more special to me due to our non-observance of all "holy days" during my childhood.  My Puritanical parents (and this is not a slur against them, for they really do strive to emulate the Puritans in many regards) did not celebrate or observe Easter, Good Friday, Lent, Ascension Day, or even Christmas.  We would go to my grandparents on Christmas Eve and exchange gifts to maintain peace within the family; but at our house there was never a tree or decorations or stockings or presents.  Time has mellowed these views, and there are now slight concessions... although there is still no tree (as it's a pagan notion anyway), subtle "seasonal" decorations have crept into the house, and as a family we exchange gifts on New Years Day instead of not at all.

I remember when I was little how in awe I was of Christmas lights and decor, and how I would be utterly enraptured by a tree, taking the time to pore over every ornament.  I liked nothing better than driving home from church in the evening during December, and looking at all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood.
Now that I'm an "adult" and out on my own, I take a somewhat inordinate pleasure in decorating and preparing for Christmas. Even if we still don't do much of anything as a family, it's highly satisfying to finally be able to indulge in what little beauties winter can afford.  And I always love to give people things, and there is no excuse like Christmas for getting gifts for people... I always, always end up doing and spending slightly more than I can afford, but somehow, I never mind.
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After being so convinced that this would be my worst semester ever grade-wise, and that all my agonizing over academics would have no good end, I feel a little bit silly (though very pleased) over my final grades.  The lowest grade I got this semester was a B+... I even got an A- in my evil renaissance history class!!!!!! There cannot be enough exclamation points following that sentence.  I still can't believe I got a good grade in that class... I was sure it would be my first C.  I guess the prof must have been happy with my final paper, and the exam couldn't have been as dreadful as I thought.... huh. Anyway, I can finally put the semester behind me, and focus on next year and new projects.

I've been having a lot of fun these past couple days working on Christmas presents and new sewing ventures.  Our apartment floor is covered with crafty, fabricy mess, and most of my free time is spent sitting on the floor surrounded by stuff and just Making Things.  It's a VERY good thing that both my roommates enjoy sewing and knitting and general making-of-stuff too, and instead of being annoyed by my creative chaos they understand (and don't yell at me) and often we work on stuff together.  I have to hurry up and finish presents though, and not just because Christmas is five days away.  I need to have Rebekah's dance dress muslin-ed and have all the pieces embellished by the end of break, and I need new Regency stays to go under the 1820 evening gown I have to make before February. Then of course I'm doing an independent study this next semester in which I will be designing the costumes for my senior show, and building two of them.  I will be very, very busy.

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