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I think I'm on a roll! I have six pages written now (out of eight) and I'm STILL talking about Copley and his portrait of Mrs. James Warren, and am only now bring a couple other Copley works into the discussion. I haven't even BEGUN to discuss Sargent yet, much less draw comparisons between the two!  If I don't keel over and can keep this up, it might just turn into a ten to twelve page paper. Me going over the page limit would be an event to immortalize in a journal for sure... it would be completely unprecedented!

But hey, I wasn't going to talk about homework!

I figure I should probably at some point mention that I updated my website several weeks ago and simply forgot to tell anyone. Poor KatieJacobs had to discover it on her own. I think I had made mention over the summer of the super comfy and very fantasy-esque outfit I made for Rebekah for our annual jaunt to Bristol.  We had taken a couple decent photos of it when we were there (Bristol) and I finally uploaded them and did a little write-up thingamabob fairly recently. I do have a bad habit of keeping my website updates secret... I just assume that everyone can read my mind and will of course know when I choose to get around to posting stuff.  As this is blatantly Not True, I'm taking advantage of the rare moment when I actually Remember Things to announce that yes I do have New Stuff up. Linky!

And speaking of sewing for Rebekah, I have decided to graciously postpone my own sadly neglected projects this Christmas break, and make her a solo dress for her dance competitions. We didn't find anything on our trip to Chicago a week ago, but I was inspired by all the flashy, elaborate (yet often poorly constructed) dresses and made up my mind to help her out and indulge myself all at once. It'll be very different from anything I've made before, and should push me in various, interesting ways. Fortunately I have sewn for her many-a-time in the past, and have lots and lots of ideas for designs. I also have a huge wad of swatches that I cut at work the other day, and we are planning on meeting on Mon to decide on materials and finalize a design.

Did I mention I'm getting a new sewing machine out of this deal? Well, I am, and high time too I say! The best part is that my new machine (which I get to pick up this Sun) has a function that allows me to unplug the presser foot, press a 'start' button and sew without having to use another appendage to make the thing go!!! This means I can sew while sitting on the floor!!! I'm quite excited.
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I've been bitten by the Regency bug... bitten badly. Of course, it might have something to do with having watched Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, and Pride and Prejudice all in the last two days. However, I think said movie watching is a symptom rather than the cause of my newly re-kindled passion for the Regency. I have to finish my sister's outfit, finish the VB dress, and make the Tsugiri costume before I can start a new project. The earliest I can see getting to Something New is December and Christmas Break. But I CANNOT seem to concentrate on anything else! All I can think about is the fabulous 1820 evening dress I saw at Killerton House this past May, and how I might go about constructing it and what fabric I should get... I'm even excited about making new stays (my old regency stays are too fugly to even be considered... they ought to be binned) and I normally hate bothering over underpinnings!

I wish I could switch my brain off and just focus on the tasks at hand. But the siren song of the Regency is strong, and it's getting harder and harder to resist... after all, it's been nearly two years now since I've done anything from that era...

I need my practical brain back to put me firmly back on course, in other words, if [profile] rvqavalon doesn't get back from Mackinac soon, I'll never get anything worthwhile done.

I'm not a total waste though; I actually did make my sister a pair of pants last night. I'm wearing them right now, and I have to admit, they are terribly comfortable (even if they do resemble karate pants). Now I just have to draft and whip up the tunic/bodice/shirt-thing. If only I could concentrate!
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1. Five-eighths, one-half or three-eighths?
I think it's because I started out with commercial patterns, but I always do 5/8th. Although most of the time I just eyeball what I THINK looks like 5/8ths and hope it works.

2. Linen, cotton, wool or silk?
Silk. I'm all about the pretty.

3. Stripes, solids or prints?
Dude. REALLY. Stripes.

4. Drape or draft?
Bit of both... like many others I draft from historical patterns and then fit and fudge. I can't properly drape things from scratch though, as I don't have a dressform.

5. Pins or weights?
Pins. Never used weights, and never want to.

6. Nipper or seam ripper?
I'm not even quite sure what a nipper is!

7. Pleats or ruffles?
I feel like I have a disgusting amount of history with pleats, and while they're a snap now, I hate them (or to be honest, I hate ironing them). So I suppose I prefer ruffles.

8. Wheel or scissors?
Scissors. I think wheels are much more of a quilters thing.

9. Princess seams or darts?
I think princess seams are prettier, and I HATE marking darts.

10. Flat-line or bag-line?
I mostly bag-line un-historical stuff... force of habit, also brought about by early commercial pattern training.

11. Serge or French seam?
I don't have a serger and I haven't the patience to french seam... a lot of the time I trim the seam allowance and zig-zag it, or I leave it as it is, or I bag-line.

12. Invisible or original sliding?
I like avoiding zippers where ever possible, but if pressed, I'll use an invisible zipper. Then I'll curse and cry when it jams or breaks.

13. Hooks & eyes or lacings?
Hooks and eyes always make a garment feel more "real" to me than lacings do.

14. Corset for comfort, or corset for look? (And no, you can’t claim both.)
For look. I have no patience when it comes to undergarments, and if it didn't affect the overall look I wouldn't bother. Plus I have less chance of being bored to tears if I make it pretty.

15. Bind, pipe or face?
Bind. I've not done much piping (yet... there are Grand Plans) and facings are pure evil.

As for real content:

Two years ago my sister (the icon is in her honor) very reluctantly agreed to go with me on my first trip to Bristol Ren Faire. She was very dubious about the whole thing, but after a few hours there conceded that it was rather fun, and by the end of the day she agreed that it was a fabulous experience. Then last year she was quite eager to go with me again when I proposed it, and even though she was exhausted from work she loved it as much as before.

This summer, she recently suggested to me that it would be ever so much fun to go again, and we are now planning a last-minute, very-end-of-summer hurrah for next weekend (which also happens to be the last weekend before I go back to school). While I would have loved to go when all the LJ-ers went earlier, I'm very much looking forward to it. We have grand plans of doing a lot of nothing... of sitting on the grass and quietly poking fun at people (our favorite pastime), of smoking expensive cigars and maybe getting a beer or two and watching a few shows... if nothing else, I know we'll have fun just hanging out together.

Anyway, I have to whip up a last-minute, horribly-unhistorical outfit for her. She hates long skirts, despises layers and sleeves in the summer, and wants to wear her black work boots. I've managed to sketch out something that she likes, and have a week to make it in... shouldn't be a problem. This just means that the V.B. dress will have to take the backseat again.

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