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I am *tired*.  If I could curl up here in the computer lab and sleep through my shift at work tonight I'd be... well, not happy, but at least asleep!

This is partially because I stayed up quite late last night taking decent portfolio-worthy pictures of the stuff I've finished recently, and partly because I haven't been sleeping well for a week.  I lie in bed and my mind whirs and whirs frantically, and it's all I can do to STAY in bed and not leap up at 3am and sew that seam or look up that detail or do anything.  But still, I just have three more weeks to push though... it'll probably go much faster than I would like anyway.

Sent in applications today for several summer-season jobs... we'll see if anything comes of it!

And thanks to my self-timed photo session last night, I have pictures of the 1830 dress, the 1810 spencer, and the new Victorian corset! (plus decent-er ones of the 1810 and 1820 dresses)

I quite like the shape of the skirt (which you can clearly see in this photo).  I just have a (fairly skimpy) corded petticoat and little ruffly bustle underneath, but it seems to work really well! That, and I think my stab at 1830's hair wasn't too terrible either.  I have no hairpieces (need to remedy that at some point...) and my curling iron is, at a 1" diameter, too large to make cluster-y curls.

And here's everything else! )
I'm in the middle of updating my website(s) with everything. Official "portfolio-y" website has everything up already, but I'm still working on Behind the Tapestry. 

Any you know what?  In spite of being exhausted, I am somehow enjoying all this.  We'll see how I feel in three weeks though!

I just have to make the 1840 dress now, and then finish the paintings.

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I'm taking a break from the god-forsaken painting to post a quick photo of the 1830 dress.

It still needs hemming here, and the light is terrible (shows every single wrinkle in the bodice!)... but at least it proves that the dress exists.  ;-)  I still haven't made up my mind yet if I want sleeve puffs or not.  I suppose it all depends on how quickly I can get the 1840 dress finished.  Once the essentials are done I might be able to address the more nit-picky bits and fun accessories.

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I've checked LJ, Facebook, my email, DeviantArt, (then Facebook and LJ again) and various inspiring costumey websites, and I STILL have two hours until class and nothing to do but kill time in the computer lab.  It almost makes me miss the days when I only had to walk into the art building to be presented with any number of things to work on. 

I suppose I could write a new artist statement.  A month and a half ahead of time.

Or if I was REALLY motivated I could re-vamp my "real" website.

As it is, I badly want to head straight home and finish my spencer  (sleeves and buttons and done!).  The urge to sew is never so strong as when I am stuck in the computer lab.  It certainly doesn't help that I was watching Wives and Daughters again last night which refueled my desire to make an 1830 dress; which, happily, is the next item on the agenda, and as soon as the spencer is squared away I'll be able to start work on that

My main inspiriation for the 1830 dress comes, surprise surprise, from one of Molly's dresses in Wives and Daughters.  This one, to be precise:

I've got a really pretty striped fabric that [ profile] bauhausfrau sent me over a year ago which I'm planning on using for this project.  The color is hard to pin down as it's sort of blue/lavendar/slate, but I think it'll suit the style very well.  I still have to purchase wide lace/swiss embroidery for the collar, but I still haven't found any that particularly calls out to me.  Farmhouse Fabrics has some that will work, but I'm not completely sold on any of them.  I'm open to suggestions!

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