Sep. 16th, 2012

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I'm re-posting from [ profile] colev since I know our f-lists are not identical.  This winter we will be throwing an awesome holiday party at her house here in Williamsburg and we really really hope people can make it!

In Nicole's words:

"What would happen if Sherlock Holmes, Downton Abbey, and House of Elliot all met in a big Holiday smash-up?

To explain how this idea came to be:  I've been massively redecorating my house.  Massively.  It may be a modern structure, but it's in the process of being literally covered with 1890-1920 decor.  Arts & Crafts living room, Sherlock library, German fairytale guest room, Chinoiserie master bedroom, and Dark Continent "Game room".  It all manages to flow together, I swear.  While much of this is not finished yet, the plan is to be done in December.  And this year Evan will be gone on deployment during the holidays which makes things rather depressing.  However, Gwendolyn is moving back in which gives an excuse to period decorate the house properly for Christmas.  Which leads to the point of this post.

We are going to have a Holiday Party involving the epic fashions of the Teens and early 20s.  Some time after Christmas, maybe on the 5th (Twelfth Night!).  It all depends on when people will be available.  The house will be swagged entirely in natural and home-made period decor and open to wandering.  Have a cup of tea from the chinese tea cart in Sherlock Holmes' study or explore the ancient maps and artifacts from unknown places in the Game room (it may be a good idea to bring a rifle).  I'll be making up numerous dishes from the Unofficial Downtown Abbey cook book to be sampled through out the night.  If I can practice enough, there will be ukulele sing-alongs (put in your requests!).  Any and all are invited, we have plenty of room.  Let me know if I should add someone to my LJ for it as well.  If anyone would like a place to stay, I have a small sofa bed and tons of floor space on the third story for any floor bedding.  Feel free to come in the days before or stay after.  We might even have an outdoors ice-skating rink a block from my house at that point!

This isn't meant to be overly formal, though I won't complain about someone sparkling!  Wear everyday or party dress 1910s/20s fashion (and possibly a tiara).  Just let me know if the 29th, 5th, or 12th works for you!"
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