Jun. 17th, 2011

gwendolyngrey: (well-lit tea)
I started my new gown for UTR a few days ago, and have managed to find a few snippets of enthusiasm for actually making the thing.  I'm using a lavendar and white striped linen from Burnley & Trowbridge, and aside from the long skirt seams, I'm sewing it all by hand... something I've not done since my brown print Regency dress over a year ago.  No pictures yet, as it's still all in pieces!

The light colored and light weight linen should be practical for being out in the Williamsburg summer, but to be honest I'm really not worried about the heat this year.  At the moment, the weather is predicted to be between 87-90 for next weekend which shouldn't be bad at all considering how I've grown rather accustomed to the climate here.  Day before yesterday it felt cool at 80 degrees, and when I had lunch outside today I thought it was warm but pleasant... turns out the high today was 97.  So yes.  Hopefully I won't jinx anything by saying the temperature should be totally fine!

I'm really looking forward to it all though!  It'll be my first real time at UTR... very exciting!

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