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Today we had an Open House at the Costume Design Center... marking an entire year since I came to work here.  I don't really know if I can properly sum up how I feel about being here.  I know I'm not the same person I was a year ago, but I suppose change is good.

Working full time in costume has definitely changed how I approach my own personal sewing, and unfortunately it often boils down to "god, NO".  I have more ideas and costumey visions than ever, but I'm utterly lacking in any sort of motivation to carry them out.  It's not that I've come to dislike sewing at all, but it gets pretty physically taxing to sew eight hours a day and when I get home I just want to face-plant into the couch and never ever use my hands again.

Everything goes in cycles though, and I'm completely confident that I'll seriously costume for myself again at some point in the future.  Whether sooner or later.

After all, I half sewed a pair of mitts for myself the other day.  That counts, right?  ;)

And yeah, the Open House was lots of fun!  I had a table set up with a display of undergarments, including current and old styles of stays which are issued to the interpreters, plus a couple recreations of original stays from collections, and various other items.  I got to be in costume too, which was of course a bonus, and I just wore undergarments (shift, stays, underpetticoat, and pocket).  Lots of people seems REALLY interested in the display and in the whole idea of the scope of 18th cen underpinnings.  I think a lot of people's minds were blown when they learned that everything I was wearing goes under what they see on nearly all the interpreters in the historic area.  There were lots and lots of questions, and I think a lot of people went away with a whole new perspective.  At least I hope they did.  I just know I was swamped and talked nearly constantly from 10am 'til my lunch at 1pm and then for the rest of the afternoon after that.

I wish the opportunity for that sort of thing came up more often... I don't want to have to wait another year to be able to do it again!  Maybe I should be a historical interpreter for a while.  Who knows.

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